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Marriage proposal & wedding vows - Damon & Elena style

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“When she needs a friend to talk to about anything, I’m here for her.”

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Delena things: Mystic Grill
 (1x08, 1x15, 1x22, 2x04, 2x13, 3x10)

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Don’t you pull away from me now. Don’t you move, can’t you stay where you are just for now? I could be your perfect disaster.

Don’t you pull away from me now. Don’t you move, can’t you stay where you are just for now? I could be your perfect disaster.

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“it’s like everything that i felt for him before I was a vampire..”
“it’s been magnified..your feelings for him have be magnified..”

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Anybody else notice that Damon only let’s Elena slap him when he knows he’s wrong.  He takes it because he knows that he deserves it.  The one time he doesn’t let her do it is when Elena is trying to sacrifice herself to Klaus at Slaters apartment.

Yes exactly! He may be whipped but he’s not going to take her nonsense about wanting to sacrifice herself. He’s never going to apologize for protecting her, for wanting to keep her alive.

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